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Zones of Regulation Check In

The ZONES of Regulation is a brilliant program created by Leah Kuypers, MA ED., OTR/L, and is a “framework designed to foster self-regulation and emotional control.” The ZONES of Regulation categorize feelings and states of alertness into four colored zones and teach kids (and adults) how to use tools to regulate their Zones. They also learn how their Zones and behaviors impact others. It’s really powerful! You can find tons of FREE resources on the Zones of Regulation website at Let’s learn about the four different colored Zones and how to make your own “Family ZONES Check-In”.

From Sunshine on a Cloudy Day at Teacher’s Pay Teachers

BLUE Zone: Sad, Tired, Sick, Board, Moving Slowly. (The body in this Zone is in an under stimulated state of alertness).

GREEN Zone: Happy, Calm, Focused, Feeling OK, Ready to Learn. (The body in this Zone is in the just right state of alertness).

YELLOW Zone: Excited, Silly, Worried, Frustrated. (The body in this Zone is in a slightly elevated state of alertness).

RED Zone: Angry, Yelling, Hitting, Terrified, Out of Control. (The body in this Zone is in an extremely elevated state of alertness).

Having a daily ZONES check-in can be very beneficial to families! We have a simple one in our clinic that we made for just a few bucks! It’s nothing fancy, but it does the job perfectly. Want to make one to use at home (or in your clinic)? Do it!!

Here’s What You Need

  1. White Paper Plates

  2. Green, Yellow, Red, and Blue Paint

  3. Paint brush

  4. String or Yarn

  5. Hole puncher

  6. Clothes pins

  7. A permanent marker

Here’s How You Make It…so easy!

Paint one plate green, one yellow, one red, and one blue to represent the 4 different colored ZONES.

Let Dry.

Use hole puncher to punch holes in top and bottom of each plate.

Attach your plates together by threading the string or yarn through the top punched hole, stringing it along the back of the plate and through the bottom hole as shown. You can tie the string or yarn as needed to keep each plate from sliding down the string.

Write each family members’ name on a separate clothes pin.

Consider posting a visual for what each ZONE means like the one shown above, or below.

I found these ZONES descriptors with characters from the Movie “Inside Out” at Creatively Themed.

Here's another way to make a similar Zones Check In

So Many Ways to Create this Check In! Get Creative!!


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