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Handwriting Without Tears

"Building the foundation for literacy success ." Learning Without Tears

Did you know?


Did you know that in many public elementary schools across the country, handwriting is no long a part of the curriculum? Specific handwriting instruction simply isn't taught anymore. Most kiddos will "figure it out", although you may notice that they do not use the typical top to bottom approach that we were taught in school.  Today most students who have not received specific handwriting instruction write from bottom to top. Their letter formation and directionality is often inefficient at best. 

Children with certain special needs, however, struggle to "figure it out" without specific handwriting instruction. They may not have the fine motor, visual motor or perceptual skills necessary to write with ease and automaticity.

Why Handwriting Without Tears?

The goal of Handwriting Without Tears® is to make handwriting an automatic and natural skill for children of all ability levels. Children and teachers enjoy HWT because it makes handwriting easy and fun to learn. With less than 10 minutes of instruction a day, children can learn to write well. This program is unique in that it is developmentally based, works for children of all abilities, uses multi-sensory teaching aids and methods, and is easy to teach and fun to learn.


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