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"Scribbles to Scribes"
A Multi-Sensory Pre-Handwriting Group

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What is a Multi-Sensory Pre-Handwriting Group?

Learning to write is no easy feat! In fact, it's quite complex!


JUMP START your child's success in this FUN 6 week pre-handwriting group!


This group is designed for pre-school to Kindergarten children who are not yet able to write independently and could benefit from developing efficient fine motor skills in a fun sensory rich environment.


A multi-sensory approach and concepts from the Handwriting Without Tears curriculum are incorporated into this group. 


Who benefits from the
"Scribbles to Scribes" Group?

Does your child struggle with coloring, forming pre-writing lines and shapes or refuse to participate in these activities altogether? If so, your child may benefit from our Scribble to Scribes Multi-Sensory Pre-Handwriting group.


Children who will be most successful in the group will have the ability to follow simple directions and be able to separate from their parents/caregivers to attend the group.

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What activities do you do in this group?

Each week your child will participate in fun sensori-motor activities and games to improve strength, coordination, and body awareness necessary for pre-writing.


Hands on activities using a variety of sensory mediums will be explored and utilized to form pre-writing lines, shapes and letters depending on your child's skill level. 

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When is this group offered?

This group is for new & existing clients.

Pre-registration is required.

Screening of new clients required.

Meets 1X/week for 6 weeks.

Cost: $480 for 6-week group. (Only $80 per session)

New Group Begins Summer 2024. Check back soon for more information and to sign up. 

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