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"Food Scientists"
A Play-Based Feeding Group (Ages 4-8)


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What is a Play Feeding Group?

Milestones On The Go is excited to offer this fun play-based feeing group! This group aims to provide young children with exposure to different foods. Using principles and activities from the Sequential Oral Sensory (SOS) Approach to Feeding, participants will play and interact with food in fun and creative ways, becoming food scientists and detectives.


Evidence suggests that play experiences can lead to tolerance, which in turn often results in ‘trying’, and eventually eating new foods.



Who benefits from Feeding Groups?

Feeding groups are beneficial for children who have a limited amount of food in their diet and are open to the idea of interacting with a variety of foods in a peer setting.


Children who will be most successful in the group will have the ability to follow simple directions and be able to separate from their parents/caregivers to attend the group.

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What activities do you do in this group?

During our feeding groups, your child will interact and play with a variety of foods according to the theme of the day. Throughout the course of the group, your child will experience at least 10 different foods that may include fruits, vegetables, proteins, cheese, grains, yogurt, smoothies, and more that fit into the various themes.


Your child will be introduced to each food through fun and creative play, and sensory exploration. They will be walked through the steps of touching, smelling, licking, and biting novel foods.


Note: (Your child will NEVER be forced to complete a step they are uncomfortable with). The goal is a NO PRESSURE, fun and positive experience with food!

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When are Feeding Groups offered?

New Group Begins Summer, 2024

When: Meets weekly (Day/Time TBD)

Where: Milestones On The Go Clinic 

695 Berkmar Circle, Charlottesville, 22901

Cost: $640 for 8-week group (Only $80 per session)


This group is for new & existing clients.

Pre-registration is required.

Screening of new clients is required.

For more information or to sign up: Email Kerri at

SOS Eating Hierarchy

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