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"Cool Kids"
An Emotional-Self Regulation Group

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What is an Emotional-Self Regulation Group?

Emotions are EVERYWHERE even INSIDE us!

This 6-week group helps kids understand their feelings and know what to do with them. 

The Cool Kids group uses concepts from the Zones of Regulation Curriculum. Your child will learn their "triggers" (things that get them in the RED Zone), and have opportunities to learn and use "tools" to promote regulation. 

They will learn how their body "feels" when it's in the various Zones. They will also learn how their Zone and subsequent behavior impacts others' Zones. 

Who benefits from Cool Kids?

Does your child have "Big Feelings?" Does he go from 0-60 in 2.5 seconds? Do her emotions ever lead to out of control tantrums or even aggression? If so, your child may benefit from our Cool Kids group.


Children who will be most successful in the group will have the ability to follow simple directions and be able to separate from their parents/caregivers to attend the group.

What activities do you do in this group?

Each week your child will learn through games, hands-on activities and practical exercises how to:

  • Know what "triggers" their emotions

  • Use the Zones of Regulation

  • ​Identify and process feeling in helpful ways

  • Practice strategies to regulate emotions

  • Develop practical tools to cope with extreme emotions

When is this group offered?

This group is for new & existing clients.

Pre-registration is required.

Screening of new clients required.

Meets 1X/week for 6 weeks.

Cost: $480 for 6-week group. (Only $80 per session)

New Group Begins Summer 2024. Check back soon for more information and to sign up. 

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