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A Play-Social Skills Group

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What is a Play-Social Skills Group?

Social skills don’t come naturally for many children. Those with neurodiversities, ASD or other developmental disabilities can find making and keeping friends to be especially challenging. This eight-week group provides the opportunity for children to interact with peers in a fun yet structured environment. 


In this group, your child will learn and practice many critical play/social skills so they can be great friends!



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Who benefits from the "Friend-tastic" Play-Social Skills Group?

Does your child struggle with making or keeping friends? Is entering into play difficult? Does she not understand social cues or body language. Does he often interrupt or want to control play? Does your child think no one likes them if kids don't want to play what they want? If so, your child may benefit from our Friend-tastic Play-Social Skills group.


Children who will be most successful in the group will have the ability to follow simple directions and be able to separate from their parents/caregivers to attend the group.

Play Date

What activities do you do in this group?

Each week your child will learn through games, hands-on activities and practical exercises how to:

  • Share

  • Wait

  • Take turns

  • Give personal space

  • Actively listen

  • Join in play

  • Invite others to play with them

  • Respect differences

  • Give and receive compliments

Calendar Pages

When is this group offered?

New Group Starting Fall 2024

These groups are for new & existing clients.

Pre-registration is required.

Screening of new clients required.

Groups Meet 1X/week for 8 weeks.

When: Days/Times TBD

Where: 695 Berkmar Circle - Charlottesville

Cost: $640 for 8-week group. (Only $80 per session)

Check back soon for more information or to sign up.

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