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Perfection! Three Therapeutic Ways to Use This Classic Game!

Therapeutic Use of “Stuff”

I can’t speak for all OT’s, but as for me, I rarely use an object or game for its intended purpose during OT sessions. The kids at my clinic come to know this very quickly. Whether I pull out a hula hoop or a board game, they know I’m going to put my “OT spin” on it! Seriously! Almost anything can be used therapeutically. Almost anything can be manipulated or combined with another object, toy, game etc., to bring about an entirely new therapeutic activity! Tell me what you have at home, school, or in your clinic, and I’ll come up with a therapeutic use for it…at least I’ll try!! Check back regularly for new ideas!

Perfection: Intended Purpose

The object of Perfection is to put all the various shaped pieces into matching holes on the “pop up board” before time runs out. When you’re out of time, the board springs up, causing the pieces to pop up and sometimes out of the game board.

This classic is therapeutic all by itself! It addresses visual motor skills, visual perceptual skills, fine motor skills, processing, perception, attention and more. Put a little “OT Spin” on it and you’ll have an entirely new activity!

OT Spin #1


Add some theraputty (silly putty) or playdough for some hieroglyphic fun!

Press pieces into theraputty, thinking-putty or playdough that has been rolled out and flattened.

I’ve not met a kid yet who isn’t fascinated by Egyptian hieroglyphics! This activity can be easily graded to meet the needs of your child.

For younger kiddos, who may not grasp this concept, simply use the Perfection pieces to make imprints in the putty or playdough for finger strengthening. Have them make patterns. They can then place the pieces into their corresponding prints like a puzzle.

More ways to make hieroglyphics

  1. Press Perfection pieces on an ink pad/stamp pad and transfer to a piece of paper.

  2. Dip Perfection pieces in a thin layer of paint and transfer to paper.

  3. Trace the Perfection pieces to make a hieroglyphic message.

  4. Older kiddos can make a “crack the code” hieroglyphic by assigning letters to the various shapes.

OT Spin #2

Auditory or Visual Memory Fun

Tell or show your kiddo three Perfection pieces/shapes that you want them to remember (increase or decrease the number depending on your client’s abilities/goals). Provide some latency then bring their attention back to the shapes and see if they remember them. They can tell you the shapes, choose them out of the pile of Perfection pieces, or even draw the shapes. Grade this activity up (make it more difficult) by requiring them to remember the shapes in a certain order.

OT Spin #3

Perfection/Theraputty Ball

Adult or child can bury Perfection pieces in Theraputty, then form it into a ball. (You can use Play-dough, but Theraputty bounces which is way cooler!!) Have the child throw the “ball”. I often have them throw it down our clinic hallway, then chase after it while prone (on tummy) on a scooter board. Kids LOVE this activity. After they get the ball, they can dig out the Perfection pieces and place them in the Perfection gameboard.

Set the timer and watch them POP!! So fun!



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