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Levitated Objects

Why the Milestones OT Bus?

For Schools

  • Decrease disruption to the student's (and teacher's) school day with less class time missed for necessary therapy appointments. 

  • Provide the opportunity for a student who needs therapeutic intervention to receive it when it may otherwise be impossible due to family time constraints. 

  • Enjoy the ​benefits of collaboration with a seasoned Occupational Therapist without the burden of maintaining an OT on payroll. 

  • Be exceptional by offering a unique service that other private schools don't. 

For Parents

  • Free up your evenings by having one less after school appointment to attend.

  • Let's face it! Those after school therapy time-slots are hard to come by! No more taking off work or arranging for someone to bring your child to therapy during the school day.

  • No more arranging childcare for siblings if you prefer not to bring them along to therapy.

  • Know that your child is having a blast in therapy on the super awesome Milestones OT Bus with a seasoned OT who loves her job!


Have a student that might benefit from OT and the Milestones OT Bus? Contact Kerri today!


**Note: While OT services may be offered at your child's school via the Milestones OT Bus,

services rendered remain an "out-patient" service for which parents are solely responsible for payment. 

Now accepting requests for school visits for Spring 2023!!

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