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Sometimes There's No Place Like Home!

Why Home Might be Best

  • Many children benefit from therapy in the comfort of their own home!

  • This may be where your child is the most relaxed and regulated.

  • Working on self care skills such as dressing, toileting, eating, brushing teeth, etc. is more natural in the home setting.

  • Older children may benefit from working on Independent Living Skills, such as making their bed, doing laundry, loading the dishwasher, cooking etc. in the context of their home environment. 

**Many homes can not accommodate the OT Bus due to its size as well as restrictions imposed by local codes and ordinances.

If you are interested in the OT Bus coming to your home, please contact us to see if it is feasible. 

Community "Field Trips"

  • Practicing skills learned in OT in the community environment is invaluable.
  • Your OT can facilitate play and social interaction with same age peers at a local park, pool, or other location.
  • Teens can utilize their executive functioning, problem solving, and social skills to order a meal, use a Debit Card or cash to make a purchase, use public transportation and more. 

Aquatic Therapy

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